Send amount and your done.

Imagine an integration so simple my 5 year old can do it. Using Greenlight Payments SMARTaccept™ API technology all you have to do is send an amount and wait for the response from our proprietary SMARTaccept™ device thats it!

  • EMV at the speed of light "Greenlight"
  • Any computer language, Any OS
  • Any Merchant Type low or High Risk
  • All Card types
  • Ready to market in days
  • Reduce PCI scope with SMARTaccept™
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Payments made simple.

Add payments of all card types including Gift cards with one simple integration to Greenlight Payments SMARTaccept™ API. Think, code, GO you have the Greenlight!

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One integration a world of opportunity.

Imagine giving your merchants more ways to accept payments. All card types with one quick secure integration to Greenlight Payments SMARTaccept™ technology. Transactions at the speed of light "Greenlight"!

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{TransactionType = 1&Amount=5.00}

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